What is P2E? A Beginners guide

What is P2E? A Beginners guide


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So far we hear the word P2E more often these days. And everyone thinks that these terms are only defined for gamers. ๐Ÿง But that is not true, Anyone can earn crypto, NFT, points(which will eventually be converted to crypto assets) by playing games and anyone become a gamer these days. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

We will talk here only related to the games or Gaming platform which is built on some Blockchain Technology. You can consider Sandbox, Star Atlas, Aurory Project and many more. Every gaming project has its own use case, Terms, and player experience.

Everyone nowadays moving to the crypto industry, whether it's Music, Fitness, Gaming, Shopping etc. Every platform is connected to Blockchain Technology in one or the other ways. And everyone earns Crypto, NFTs, and tokens from these platforms.

Now if you are thinking of what you will do by earning these tokens? I am sure you are thinking of the same. So let me clarify that after earning these tokens or Crypto you can trade them in exchanges. ๐Ÿคซ So you will be benefited in every way.

As we are moving our life from the real to the virtual world, So we have to be ahead and move with the technology. It's not always compulsory that you are perfect in everything, But at least you should have knowledge of the latest technologies so that you can face the world.

P2E is a very great concept in this era and we shouldn't miss any opportunities to make money using this. ๐Ÿคฉ

Thanks everyone for reading the Blog. I know it was a short Blog, But worry not. More knowledgeable things are on the way. Keep supporting. Cheers!!